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We aim to provide a comfortable but professional recording studio with rates that are affordable for everyone. 

Our Services

We offer professional services including recording, mixing and mastering.

£250 Per Day

£125 per track

Space hire
£175 Per day

We the People

We are a group of people who love music and are exploring what makes things sound how they should - every day.
Producer, Writer, Musician.

Rees Broomfield

Producer, Writer, Musician.

Sam Duckworth

Producer, Musician, Writer.

Jay Malhotra

Rees Broomfield: Has worked with artists such as Youth Club, Beach for Tiger, MG Boulter and Owen Williams. Specialising in engineering and production.

Sam Duckworth: Has worked in the music industry and received critical acclaim under the name “Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly” Specialising in song writing and production.

Jay Malhotra: Has worked with bands and artists such as Heavy Highness and Cosmic Strip. Specialising in sound engineering and production.

Our Work

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Technical + Spec

We have a studio packed full of great equipment.

Preamps: Neve Portico 5012 x 2 SPL Gold Mike II x 2 Audient ASP880 x 8 Universal Audio 4-710d twinfinity Focusrite ISA one x 2 UA Apollo 8

Outboard: Compression: Mohog 1176 x 2 Urei LA4 (moded to be quicker) Slate Dragon. EQ: Chandler Germanium EQ x 2 Urei 545 EQOther: Avalon U5Tube DI Thermionic Culture – Culture Vulture Powertran Custom Digital Delay Wakins Copicat x 2 (3 speed and 4 speed models) Lots of old Digital Delays (Ibanez, Radioshack, weird Russian one)

LDC: AKG C-414 x 3,Rode K2 (NOS Valve), Blue Bottle.
SDC: Mojave FET 101 (Cardioid and Omni capsules), Rhode NT5 x 4, Groove tubes GT33 x 2, Sony Superscope EC-9P, Little Blondie x 2
Dynamic: Shure SM7-B x 2, Sennheiser 421 x 2, AKG D112 VR, Audix D6, Bayer Dynamic MD201 Bayer Dynamic M88, SM57/58s, Sennheiser e906, Sennheiser e904 x 3, Sennheiser e945, Sennheiser e845 x 2, Shure PG52, Shure Beta 52, Electro Voice N/D 967 x 2

Ribbon: Cascade Vin Jet Ribbon Mics x 2. Other: BayerDynamic MPC 66V Boundary Mic, Weird Crystal Diaphragm mic.

Keyboards/Synths: Baby Grand Piano, Juno 6, Moog Voyager, MS-10, CS-10, Micro Korg, Micro Sampler, Phillips Phillcorder, Yamaha DX 21, Apr Quartet, Nord Electro 5D, Harmonium, Glockenspiel

Guitars: Various. Fender/Gibson/Epiphone/G&L/Burns/Gretch/Avalon/Eko/Vox/Yuri Landman Guitars covering everything incuding Bass/Baritone/Acoustic/Classical/12 String/Lapsteel and Electric. Large Selection of effects pedals (inc Moog, T-rex, Tech 21, Kealy, Ibanez, Boss, Electro Harmonix, Caroline Effects, Darkglass, TC Electronics, Line 6 and many more) Amps JMI AC30 6/TB, Laney Lionheart, Blackstar Combo, Marshal JCM 2000 + Orange 2×12, Pignose, TKO 115s, Fender Rumble, fender deluxe.

Plugins: UAD Slate everything bundle Kush audio everything bundle Soundtoys Trigger 2 Waves Gold with added extras Melodyne – lots of others.

Monitoring: Dynaudio LYD 38.

DAW: Mac with Pro tools 12 and Logic X. PA System: Selection of Yamaha and peavy stage monitors.


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